Before : Asymmetrical kitchen lacking balance & light, structural elements that couldn’t be moved but had to be addressed.


Our Plan : By moving the door to the back wall, we gained a significant amount of counter space and cabinets. To add symmetry and make the existing beam virtually disappear, the sink and window were moved to the left. Now the beam is centered on the cabinets and the light fixtures, giving the space much needed balance.


After : Beautiful light and much needed balance.

Before and After Gallery

Before: This 1980's kitchen needed to be updated.

After: The original charm of the 1920's home is restored.

Before : A bland bedroom.

After : Elegance abounds!

Before : A large dark kitchen.

After : A large bright kitchen!

Before : A wall that was blocking the view.

After : A zen kitchen with views of the lake and forest.

Before : A blank slate.

After : A  textured space.

Before: Big on potential, small on function.

After: A perfect place to gather and cook.


Katja van der Loo

609 Washington Street  Boonton, New Jersey  07005

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