Create classic interiors, regardless of style, that will stand up over time.

Spaces are shaped to embody the atmosphere we wish to create, cumulatively reflecting the essence of who we are and the spirit of the people who live in them. Color and light act as essential, yet subtle, backgrounds. The space should “live,” evolving and growing with one’s travels, art, photography and meaningful treasury of life experiences. It should allow one to freely change composition, introduce new ideas and eclectically blend different furniture in a way that, for reasons not completely explicable, make perfect sense in its context.

Renovations do not have to be stressful.

Our expertise, vision, creativity and collaborative nature will transform your home into your dream home. Let us steward you

through your renovation ... we thrive on finding elegant solutions to complicated problems!

Katja van der Loo

Papyrus Home Design CEO

BFA Interior Design Fashion Institute of Technology


Nicole Smith

Interior Designer

AAS Interior Design Fashion Institute of Technology

BA Mathematics Smith College


Nicole is an accomplished freelance interior designer with an unusual fondness for excel spreadsheets

where all project details and expenses are tracked.


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“As an architect, working with Papyrus Home Design has been a pleasure. Katja is a team player with incredible ideas and excellent taste. My clients love her relaxed, fun, and inspiring approach to design and detailing.”

Cusano Associates

“Katja has a gift for learning just enough about who you are to help you define how you would like to experience your home.  She then applies her creativity and her expert understanding of design and layout  to  help  you discover possibilities you would never see otherwise.  Once we decided  to purchase our home,  engaging Katja to help us maximize its potential was the most important investment we could have made.  The challenge  we face now is deciding where to sit at any given moment, since every corner of our house is so inviting in its own way. Katja has helped make our home the place we most love to be! ”

 Mark & Debbie Ronan, Mountain Lakes, NJ

“We love the work that you did on our house and would highly recommend you”

 Catherine M. and Bob B., Stickley property in Morris Plains, NJ

“Hiring Katja was the best money we ever spent”

  Kim and Brent B., Morristown, NJ

First time I hired a designer... best decision ever! Katja asked me to trust her... well, that's hard for a "type-A" person like me, but I'm so glad I did. Not only did she and Nicole create something beautiful, they made home renovation such an enjoyable experience. I really appreciate their expertise, patience, and fun spirits. Looking forward to doing more together.

Meredith,  Boonton, NJ

“I am so happy I hired Papyrus Home Design.  Katja has great design sense, is very easy to work with and just a nice person. There is nothing like opening your front door and loving what you see. Thanks Katja for making me a homebody!”

 Joan P. Denville, NJ

“Katja is wonderful.  She has terrific taste, and I love her approach to design.

She transformed our home into a beautiful and polished version of our style and taste.”

Mary A., Mountain Lakes. NJ

“I wish I had hired you from the beginning.”

Diane B., Harding Township, NJ

“An interior design firm that is dedicated to fulfilling the needs and desires of their clients through providing timeless, tasteful, personalized, creative and whimsical concepts to achieve a shared vision employing impeccable work ethics, trust and excellent communication and listening skills.  The firm exhibits and very successfully employs their managerial skills in working with tradesmen and women on their clients behalf, recommending a team of creative, meticulous craftsman that execute the design firms plans while working together to achieve a shared goal, always with respect for the space they were working in. The final product is a client home that is functional and unique, as well as beautiful....

The journey we have been on these past months has resulted in a new and improved home that reflects our past and the items we hold dear, and excites with creative, new additions, ideas and suggestions. We love it!!! Working with Katja and Nicole has been a privilege and a pleasure - there are no words that could adequately express our appreciation and how thrilled we are with the final result.

Bobbi and Neal Rockaway Township, NJ

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